Print ISSN: 2077-5822

Online ISSN: 2618-1479

Keywords : Scalding

Consumers’ Perception, Nutritional and Mineral Composition of Processed Cowhide (Ponmo) as Affected by Different Processing Methods

Saheed Ademola Ahmed; Ibrahim Kayode Banjoko; Muhammed Motolani Ahmed; Muyideen Ajadi Isiaka; Ifabiyi John Oluwaseun

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2022, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 65-69
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2022.133171.1035

The study was conducted to determine the influence of different processing methods; scalding and singeing on cowhide. Forty (40) pieces each of white scaled Ponmo and black singed Ponmo were pulled together and randomly subjected for proximate evaluation, organoleptic properties determination and mineral contents determination. Analysis of variance was used to analyze the result in a complete randomize design using Duncan Multiple Range Test to separate the means. The result shows that the nutritional value of white scaled Ponmo was significantly higher (p<0.05) than black singed Ponmo. The colour and flavour were better preferred in white scaled Ponmo, aroma in black singed Ponmo, while there was no significant difference in texture, juiciness and overall acceptability of both products. Mineral contents was significantly higher (p<0.05) in white scaled Ponmo compared to black singed Ponmo. The processing methods used in the study therefore, affects the nutrient, eating qualities and mineral contents of the two final products, with white scaled Ponmo having better consumers’ perception and nutritional qualities.