Print ISSN: 2077-5822

Online ISSN: 2618-1479

Author : E.A., Kapitonova

Effect of Pro biotic Supplementation “Vetlactoflorum” on the Biological Value of Broiler Meats

Al-Aqaby Aamer R.A.; Glaskovich A.A; Kapitonova E.A.; Losev E.

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2013, Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 1-10
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2013.83575

This study evaluates the supplementation of broiler chickens probiotic "Vetlactoflorum- M" (diluted in milk), "Vetlactoflorum-C" (diluted in whey) on the broiler chickens meat and biological value. One hundred and fifty day-old "Ross-308" broilers are used (n=150), the first group without probiotic and 2 groups are supplemented with probiotics in the water. There are nine treatments with 4 replicates and 3 birds per replicate. The results show that there is improving biological value and safety of broiler meat. Also there is an improvement in the acid value of fat, and the reaction (pH) is normal. It is concluded that probiotics "Vetlactoflorum-M" and "Vetlactoflorum-C" are recommended for using on poultry farms of Belarus