Print ISSN: 2077-5822

Online ISSN: 2618-1479

Author : SH.Jarallah, Raid

The Study of the Morphological and Chemical Properties of Accumulated Salts from Soils Beside the Highway

Raid SH.Jarallah

Al-Qadisiyah Journal For Agriculture Sciences, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 26-38
DOI: 10.33794/qjas.2015.108681

The present research aims to study the morphological and chemical properties of accumulation salts in swags beside the highway (used for sale in the local markets) and to study the different pollutants and its resources with these salts .
Six sites are chosen for the accumulations salts , three of them are present near cultivated soils and the three author present of near uncultivated soils between Al-Qadisiyah and Babylon governorates.
Two samples from the salts tumbles (are accumulated for sale) for all sites above for the depths (0-5) cm to likening the polluted from air and cars smokes) and (<5) cm (to improve the pollution have taken in their existing places) .
Soil samples are taken from all sites above beside the swages with two depths (0-15 and 15-30) cm .
All results can be summarized as :
• most of the salts crystal are coarse and big and white in our color , and they are affected by pollutants that have black and brown colors and some author colors . The crystals were intervening among themself from (2-6) crystals and some of than are small and single . The salts found beside the cultivated soils have high moisture percentage compared with the salts found beside the uncultivated soils .
• All salts samples have alkaili pH . The chemical properties are high values in (% Nacl , soluble ions : Na+1 , K+ , Cl-) are taken from swags beside the cultivated soils , while the values of soluble ions (Ca+2 , Mg+2 , HCo3-1) are decreased . The So4-2 values are varied among the sites .
• The lead and Cadmium pollution have taken place by air and cars smokes but the nitrate pollution have taken place by leaching from the beside soils and values are high in the swages beside the cultivated soils .
• The pollution in the soils beside the high way has high values in the surface layer (0-15) cm for pb+2 and Cd+2 compared with subsurface layer (15-30)cm, while the nitrate has high values as in the subsurface layer (15-30)cm.